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Unibridge Nutrihealth Co., Ltd.

Established in 2021, Unibridge is focusing on food ingredients and plant extracts.
We own three GMP standard factories, producing chondroitin sulfate and natural plant extracts, vegetable protein and fiber, and dehydrated vegetables. Also we can do free tradings and provide one stop service.

At Unibridge, we are committed to building bridges between Chinese raw materials and global customers in a way that achieves market breakthroughs and generates sustainable growth. It is a task that requires extensive industry contacts, shared experience, a commitment to finding right ingredients and the ability to anticipate market trends. WE ARE PROFESSIONAL.


Our Team

Together, our team members provide the client-focused, comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that we believe has come to define Unibridge team.
Consisting of a distinctive group of professionals who seek to offer an exceptional combination of insight, knowledge and expertise, Unibridge team is here to be your global supplier of quality ingredients.


*What We Do

Chondroitin sulfate: shark, trout, bovine, porcine, avian.
Fish collagen: Shark, Cod, Sea bream.
Grape seed extract.
Soy protein: isolated soy protein emulsion type, injection type, drink type.
Pea protein 80%, 85%.
Pea fiber, soy fiber, soy milk powder, soy lecithin.
Dehydrated vegetables: garlic granular, garlic powder, wasabi powder.
Mono citric acid.

*Quality Guarantee


Unibridge strives to offer solutions for challenges seen throughout the food industry by providing a keen focus on commodity markets and global economics. By understanding the ever-changing consumer behaviours and culinary trends, we pride ourselves on staying relevant and providing insight for innovative results
*Our Service
One stop service


Unibridge is a technical team of biochemists, food scientists and techinical experts. Our fully trained team of experts are capable of providing complete technical support to solve development and processing concerns. We work with our customers to improve processing yields, meet shelf life targets and to match existing products. Our open development environment allows for a creative space to develop innovation solutions to new product development, and improve product performance.