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  • Exercise for Joint Health

    As people become more sedentary due to modern lifestyles, the importance of keeping your joints flexible and keeping them moving has become more popular. Whether your joint pain is caused by injury or inflammation, rehabilitation through exercise is important as it not only strengthens your joint...
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  • Who Should not Take Collagen Peptide

    1. Metabolic dysfunction: people with metabolic dysfunction may experience abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea, loose stools and other symptoms when they supplement too much collagen peptides, and collagen may be lost. 2. Their own protein is too high: the body’s globulin, albumin, albumin ...
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  • People for Whom Chondroitin is Suitable

    Aminoglycan chondroitin is suitable for a wide range of people and is mainly used in cases where joints are prone to wear and tear, mainly for the following groups of people. 1、Middle-aged and Elderly People Middle-aged and elderly people have degenerated joint cartilage due to age, and long-ter...
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  • The Role of Garlic

    1、Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibacterial, garlic contains about 2% allicin, its bactericidal ability is 1/10 of penicillin, and it has a significant inhibitory and killing effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria. It also kills more kinds of...
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  • Processing Process of Garlic Powder

    1. Fresh garlic cut and peeled processing: Cut off the garlic head from the qualified garlic head and peel it with a peeler to obtain garlic rice. 2. Garlic rice slicing: Wash the garlic rice with water to remove the mud and dust, rinse off the coating film, and then slice inside the slicer with ...
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  • Application of Grape Seed Extract

    1. Pharmaceutical Health Products Usually grape seed extract is made into capsules or tablets, which people consume daily to improve their skin and body condition. In addition, grape seed extract proanthocyanidins are used as vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory agents in complexes with soy lecit...
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  • Introduction to Dehydrated Garlic

    Dehydrated garlic is made from fresh garlic through a process such as washing and drying. The common forms are garlic flakes, garlic granules, and garlic powder. Compared with fresh garlic, dehydrated garlic is characterized by easy preservation, transportation, storage and ease of consumption. I...
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  • Precautions for Using Grape Seed Extract

    1. Do not use if you have ever been allergic to grape-related foods. Allergic reactions may occur and possible symptoms may include: swelling of the face or hands, swelling or tingling in the mouth or throat, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, hives or rash. 2. Use with caution if you are usi...
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  • The Effects of Grape Seed Extract

    1. Lowering Lipids Grape seed extract contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic acid, a substance that is helpful in lowering blood lipids, inhibiting the formation of blood clots, reducing the occurrence of fatty liver and preventing atherosclerosis. 2. Protect Blood Ve...
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  • Preparation Technology of Collagen Peptide

    Collagen peptide preparation techniques include chemical methods, enzymatic methods, thermal degradation methods and a combination of these methods. The molecular weight range of collagen peptides prepared by different techniques varies greatly, with chemical and thermal degradation methods mostl...
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  • Effectiveness of Grape Seed Extract

    It is well known that grape seed extract has many health benefits and more and more people are consuming it. But what are the benefits and effects of grape seed extract? Most people don’t know much about it. Here are some of the main effects of grape seed extract. 1. Scavenging free radical...
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  • Collagen’s Effect on Bones

    Most people use or consume collagen primarily for the purpose of improving the aging of skin tissue as we age. In fact, collagen is not only widely found in the skin, but is also an important component of bones, accounting for about 70-80% of the organic matter in bones. Collagen not only improve...
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